Author Guidelines

Download and use the IEEE Submission Template to format submission.
IEEE Templates

Submissions should be between 1,000 and 8,000 words (not including references). Submissions less than 3,000 words will be asked to submit a poster for web display and download.

Follow IEEE Style for Citations and References. See

Papers should have at least 10 references.

Papers should have at least 3 figures, tables, or code snippets.

All tables, figures, and images must be open source. Examples of open-source websites include Wikimedia Commons and some images on Pixabay and Flickr. Note: We cannot accept non-open source images – if you’re having trouble, reach out to the editor!

The author is responsible for all submitted material. You should carefully review and edit  your paper to ensure that it is correct, complete, and professional. You should be able to assert that there is no plagiarism in their paper, including in text and images produced by the AI. Authors must ensure there is appropriate attribution of all quoted material, including full citations.