Infinite Loop, Volume 1, 2023-2024



The College of Computing at Michigan Technological University presents the Infinite Loop, an online journal for undergraduate research and applied computing projects.

Fall Deadline: November 22, 2024
Spring Deadline: March 21, 2025

Funding provided by:
  • Institute of Computing and Cybersystems Rapid Seedling Grant
  • Contributions from the Michigan Technological University College of Computing
Editorial Board:
  • Faculty: Dr. Leo Ureel, Dr. Charles Wallace, Dr. Ray Molzon
  • Graduate Students: Tabasum Hamdard, Daniel Masker, Joseph R. Teahen, Kirk Thelen
  • Undergraduate Students: Miguel Cisneros, Ransom Duncan, Adam Fenjiro, Sean Leverenz, Ricardo Nunez Cuesta, Matthew R. Penoyar, Andrea E. Sarabia, Jay J. Sweeney

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  • College of Computing Announces Launch of Undergraduate Research Journal
    By Leo Ureel, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences The College of Computing at Michigan Technological University is pleased to announce the launch of the Infinite Loop Online Journal for Undergraduate Research and Applied Computing. This initiative reflects the college’s commitment to fostering academic excellence, intellectual rigor, and research-based learning among undergraduate …
  • Monster Hunter: Quest
    Have you ever wanted to play Monster Hunter as a Turn-Based RPG that is close to how the main games work? Monster Hunter: Quest is the first game that I have coded, and it is heavily inspired by Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter: World. I created everything in it besides the music and the …
  • Sentinel Values
    “Halt!  Who goes there?”  The sentinel on duty at the castle was wide awake.  Our sentinel values don’t carry weapons or defend ramparts, but they perform useful guarding tasks in our programs.  In computer science, a sentinel value is a value that would not normally occur in input and serves as a marker of the …
  • Debugging for Beginners
    Ugh!  Bugs. They’re always crawling around and flying in your face when you least expect.  The same applied to computer science bugs. They’ve been around since 1947 with the early computers, and continue to annoy us today. The first recorded case of a bug was a moth that Grace Hopper found jamming a relay switch …
  • Shamrock Treasure Hunt
    Leapin’ Leprechauns!  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the leprechauns still can’t find a safe place to hide their gold.  They think they’ve gotten crafty and found a better place, but this game shows they might need to try again.  Similar to minesweeper, the Shamrock Treasure Hunt displays the distance to the leprechauns’ gold when a …