Files that Make You Smile

Files.  Those floppy, large things full of paper that used to be the bane of office workers are now electronic.  No more lifting stacks of paper and having a couple of papers fall on the floor and get out of order!  Instead we have to keep even more files in order inside folders, inside other folders on our computers.  Not surprisingly, we have programs that can read and write files so we don’t have to do everything manually. Continue reading “Files that Make You Smile”


ASCII art like the greeting above is common, but ASCII characters are useful for a lot more.  Represented in a Java in a manner identical to the first 128 unsigned integers, they can be substituted for ints at any time, and ints 32 -126 inclusive can be cast to chars and printed.  While limited compared to the unicode set of characters (ASCII can’t represent á, for example), ASCII is the workhorse of most file systems.

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